Sinner's Labyrinth is a game that, as the name says, is about labyrinths and puzzles. This idea arose from a project for high school studies, the game currently has 3 levels, a great difficulty and an artistic style inspired by hollow knight, isaac, and of course some creepy flash games.

This is a very incomplete alpha, it is fully playable, but it may contain bugs, and obviously more levels, and options to customize some game styles.

This game will not contain many levels, it will probably contain up to 10 levels at most, but the difficulty adds a lot of play time.

Once you have chosen the level, you can move by pressing the keys w, a, s, d or the classic arrows. If you touch a wall or any moving object you will lose life. Your goal is to get the white runes to escape from this dark labyrinth.

Licencia Creative Commons


Sinner's Labyrinth v0.6.8 Win 117 MB
Sinner's Labyrinth v0.6.8 [Win 32 & 64].zip 153 MB
Sinner's Labyrinth v0.6.8 [MacOS].zip 71 MB
Sinner's Labyrinth v0.6.8 [Linux].zip 154 MB

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